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Kātoitoi is a diverse representation and discussion of what our community is creating at a given point in time. Review and response are an integral part of the Kātoitoi kaupapa. We invite your dialogue and participation. We are grateful you want to take part in this kōrero! is a safe and friendly place to connect, discuss and share. Our website is designed with review, comment and share functionality to allow interaction between users. We are committed to creating a community that encourages self-expression, diversity of voice and opinion and wishes to ensure that ideas and comments are expressed appropriately, with respect for others.


Manaaki - Be kind and courteous.

We encourage participation from the entire Aotearoa Design community and we want to hear your voice. We welcome questions and commentary, including constructive feedback and differing opinions, but please remember to be both constructive, relevant and respectful with your contribution. Be polite and respect different points of view. Please do not use offensive language. We do not tolerate harassment, abuse, or threats to others.

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Fraudulent, deceptive, libellous, misleading or unlawful

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Reporting abuse

If you see a comment you believe breaches these guidelines, you can flag it for moderation/removal or please notify us at [email protected] We reserve the right to remove any comments or content that doesn’t adhere to these guidelines.