Youth Service

  • 2020

    Submission # 128

  • Output

    Digital Design – Toi Matihiko

  • Kaupapa

    Impact – Social Good

    Identity – Politics & Action

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Project Overview:
Youth Service Ratonga Taiohi is a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) initiative that helps Aotearoa New Zealand’s youth gain independence and confidence by connecting them to the support and services they’re entitled to, including the youth benefit.

MSD needed a refreshed, modern website that would appeal to young people, and also give the service providers information they need.

We applied our human-centred approach to evolve the brand, make the site appealing, useful, and usable for both the young people and the service providers using it.

Our intention was to empower rangatahi and help them get on the path to becoming who they want to be, and connect them to services and support they’re entitled to.

The values of the work were empowerment, support, and connection.

We wanted to keep the essence of the brand while updating it to feel professional to young people on a journey to figuring out the next step in their lives. And we wanted a seamless, intuitive user experience that made young people feel confident and easily able to get the support they need.

We applied our human-centred approach to evolve the brand, and make the site appealing and usable for both rangatahi and the service providers using it.

We pared the logo down while retaining its original shape. The logo’s original colours now theme different sections of the site — like pink for mental health and orange for housing. The colours give the site an optimistic, upbeat feel. Our visual designer created a path motif that weaves through the site, in the background. It gives the subtle message of progress and keeping on track.

We knew that most young people would be looking at the site on their phones, so we designed with mobile at the forefront of our minds. In user testing, young people really responded to images, and mentioned Instagram as the website style they liked the most. Inspired by Instagram’s aesthetic, we made the images square, kept them free from any overlapping, and made all the text as short as possible.

We were working remotely in level 4 lockdown, so we synthesised the user testing findings as a group, generating insights that provided our designer and content strategist with direction on content, brand, UX, and design. Incorporating these insights made the new website much easier to use, which was important in 2020 especially — a year when more young people needed its services and information than ever before.

With its modern, mobile-friendly design, and clear content, it’s now easy to find information and services on the Youth Service site.

Archiver’s Response:

"A positive response for an important subject. The design really nails the audience it's intended for. The colour choices have clever rationale. The path motif is a really nice touch. I like how it's an encouraging piece.

Overall the site feels aspirational, relatable and helpful."

"A well executed project"

Credits & Collaborators:
Account manager - Stephanie Kan
Designer - Chris Barneau, Zak Brown
Creative Director - Dan Newman
Technical Lead - Gisela de la Villa, Emlyn Hughes
Blank - Ruth Hendry (Content Director), Calin Dale (Test Engineer), Juliet Brown (Front-end Developer)

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