The Arts Foundation

  • 2020

    Submission # 51

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    Identity – Tuakiri

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    Identity – People & Culture


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Project Overview:
The Arts Foundation Te Tumu Toi was in danger of becoming obsolete as it had become solely reliant on donations from its ageing population of art-elite. With giving, sponsorship and grants well-down across the board, they came to us to overhaul their brand identity. We were tasked with creating a new identity that showcased the importance of art and inspired a new generation of younger givers.

Retaining the original ‘signature’ logo — hand drawn in 2009 by Sarah Maxey, we created an overarching positioning based on the Foundation’s reason for being — backing artists to make their mark. We then developed a visual representation of this idea, exploring the many different perspectives and perceptions that one can experience art with. The result, an ever changing, animated three-dimensional device — abstract enough to communicate across the many different facets that make up the Foundation.

A core challenge for the new brand revolved around brand hierarchy. The Arts Foundation has a number of platforms, sub-brands and campaigns — all of which hadn’t been considered in the context of a wider framework. We created a brand architecture, aligning the seven sub-brands which include awards programmes, a giving platform, an art ball, fundraising platform and a month-long art activation. Each needed to have it’s own personality, but remain instantly recognisable as belonging to the Arts Foundation.

We were able to achieve this primarily through colour, typography and various interpretations of the mark device. The top level brand and award programmes feature a paired back, centred typographic approach and muted colour scheme. Arts Ball, Arts Month and Kotahi — the giving platform, all feature a much more progressive approach to typography alongside bright neon colours. Unique graphics were created for Kotahi and Boosted — for Kotahi, small dots cluster together to create a larger whole, portraying the idea that even the smallest of donations can make a huge impact. With Boosted, the graphics are substituted for two glossy red balls, maintaining consistency with the new brand while acknowledging what came before it.

The brand identity (in its various forms) are rolled-out across a wide range of applications including stationery, posters, brochures, giving forms, event collateral, signage, advertising and a new website. It comes to life across digital channels where animation is used to enhance the communication.

The Arts Foundation has seen an incredible first year of results as it looks to boost more opportunities for artists, and amplify their impact. Boosted has seen more than double the amount of successful projects. The sub-brands have driven solid results for the charity — Arts Ball sold-out and raised over $145,000 on the night. Arts Month — the grass roots activation, put the arts into the national conversation, and saw an unprecedented amount of engagement via the website and social media. Overall, the treatment of the brand and various sub brands ensured the Foundation could continue as a legacy organisation whilst allowing it the flexibility to move into more modern times and attract younger donors.

Archiver’s Response:

Well executed identity that uses well known and globally recognised graphic cues.

Credits & Collaborators:
Creative Director - Matt Kitto, Stephen McCarthy
Design Director - Jeremy Evans
Designer - Joel Kitto, Richard Burson, Stefan Downs

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