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Taylor Pass Honey | Authentic South

  • 2020

    Submission # 21

  • Output

    Packaging – Pūhera

  • Kaupapa

    Identity – Place

    Impact – Environmental Stewardship

  • Location

    Marlborough, Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka

Project Overview:
The box was commissioned to be designed for the Christmas period as a special edition Gift Box. The design had to have Christmas elements, while staying consistent with the Taylor Pass Honey brand.

The design was to represent the Taylor Pass Honey brand's values. It was important for us to show the close bondage Taylor Pass Honey beekeepers have with their land as well as the importance of the nature itself.

We were able to find a middle ground, representing a Christmas vibe with the kind of styling and foliage illustrated, while also showcasing Taylor Passes land and plants integral to the honey production. To take it a step further, we 3D modelled the final packaging die lines, and rendered scenes in the Taylor Pass scenery to give it that extra authenticity.

Credits & Collaborators:
Designer - Szymon Zurek
Designer - Jessica Burgess Smith

Jar with box
Jar inside box
Archive Submission
Open box on angle
Jar inside box half open
Box back layout
3 jars

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