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    Identity – Tuakiri

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    Identity – People & Culture

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    Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Project Overview:
Tāmaki Makaurau is the gateway into New Zealand and the pacific. A city of innovation, culture, beauty and manaaki. Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) wanted to develop a program to assist our host community to welcome and host manuhiri, or visitors with mana and manaaki. The program would work with all sectors of our tourism industry to create the best visitor experience. Our brief was to ensure that the brand created a unique Tāmaki Makarau brand experience, grounded in the narratives of the whenua and the moana that surround it. The brand was created with representatives from the tourism sector and mana whenua, who participated in workshops at all stages of the brand development. Collaboration sessions were held over several months at both ATEED's, the agency's and iwi marae on defining the kaupapa, name, brand narrative, values, brand aesthetic and creating the marketing content (in which several mana whenua representatives are the face of the Tū Mai brand).

The name Tū Mai means to “stand here”, but it speaks more to standing with confidence, being present to be a great host. We designed the brand identity around the narrative of the haka stance, with our hands stretched out to our visitors and our feet firmly planted on the land. The elements of the logo where then used to create a modern and unique brand aesthetic that also spoke to the core values of the brand. The Ranginui pattern speaks to receiving enlightenment and inspiration from the spiritual realm of Atua, as passed down through our tīpuna to living generations. It aligns to the brand value of Auahatanga, or creativity and innovation, anchored in inherited wisdom and traditions. The Papatūānuku pattern speaks to the environment as the source of our wellbeing and ability to extend manaakitanga. When repeating the full Tū Mai logo as a pattern, it represents each person standing shoulder to shoulder as a kapa (group) in an expression of kaitiakitanga for our people and environment. The values of the brand form a clear set of convictions which the tourism industry can embrace and unite around. Upon completing the program, a person makes a pledge to "stand with Tū Mai" in embodying these values. They receive a pin as a symbol of that conviction.

A series of workshops were held to launch Tū Mai to key stakeholders in government, business, iwi Māori and Māori tourism industry, which shaped it into a program ready to enhance our tourism expereince. Tū Mai is experienced through digital, social, print and workshops that bring the tourism community together to develop their cultural, historical and hosting expertise within a te ao Māori context. Manaaki whenua, manaaki tāngata, haere whakamua! The response has been one of significant pride for all participants, who feel enriched by a localised narrative that enriches identity and understanding.

Archiver’s Response:

Deceptively simple execution – the pattern language is well integrated with the typographic expression. Identity elements speak to the core ideas behind the programme.

Credits & Collaborators:
Creative Director - Johnson McKay
Design Director - Tim Hansen
Designer - Jason Fantonial
Designer - Storm Smith

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