Promised Land Tales
Raven Wild

  • 2020

    Submission # 159

  • Output

    Publication – Pukapuka

  • Kaupapa

    Identity – People & Culture

    Impact – Social Good

  • Location

    Wellington, Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara

Project Overview:
'Raven Wild', written by Adam Reynolds, Chaz Harris and Caitlin Spice, is the third in a series of illustrated LGBTQ themed children’s books.
Each book features 32 stunning full colour illustrations by Christine Luiten & Bo Moore sure to delight kids young and old.

In 'Raven Wild', a reckless young boy named Hawk transitions into a courageous young woman called Raven. When Raven rescues an injured bird, she learns of an evil poacher's plan to steal a precious gem, a gem with the power to control all creatures great and small! On her dangerous jungle quest to stop him and save an animal kingdom, a connection with a childhood friend called Finn soon transforms into love.

Much of the final illustration and design work was completed over the 2020 Level 4 Lockdown in Aotearoa.

'Raven Wild' is set in a universe, where all are equal - no matter their gender, what they look like or who they love. We believe it’s important for LGBTQ youth and their peers to see themselves represented in positive ways, where who they are is never questioned or used as a plot device or a point of conflict.

Visibility in media is a powerful way to show young people they belong; if we don’t see ourselves in stories, we don’t see ourselves in the world.

The authors initially gained global media attention through a successful Kickstarter campaign to illustrate and print the first edition of 'Promised Land' which was released on 14 February 2017.

Following a positive reception to the first book, two follow-up titles were created to make a series of LGBTQ inclusive 'Promised Land Tales'. The second book 'Maiden Voyage' was released on 26 June 2018 (co-written by Jaimee Poipoi) and our third book 'Raven Wild' was released on 25 August 2020 (co-written by Caitlin Spice).

Praise for Promised Land:
"From every point-of-view, including artistically, it's a beautiful book."
~ Sir Ian McKellen ~

Archiver’s Response:

"Much needed stories and representations of love's and identity's diversity! We need more!"

"Ground breaking kaupapa."

Credits & Collaborators:
Blank - Adam Reynolds, Chaz Harris, Caitlin Spice
Illustrator - Christine Luiten, Bo Moore
Editor - Rebecca Parker
Blank - Our many Kickstarter Backers
Blank - Our many Supporters

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