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Hubbards Be Mighty

  • 2020

    Submission # 88

  • Output

    Packaging – Pūhera

  • Kaupapa

    Impact – Reach / Results / ROI

    Identity – People & Culture

  • Location

    Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Project Overview:
Creating a super tasty granola, packed with fibre and Low GI was right up Hubbards street. Be Mighty is a product range that energises and inspires consumers to go out and get stuff done during their day. This was Hubbards chance to stake a claim in the natural energy category of breakfast foods.

We took this opportunity to turn the new Hubbards brand language up to the max. A white pack emphasises the clean energy which is dominated by the universal visual icon of ‘hell yeah!’ - the pumped fist (of course holding a Spoon for eating granola). Bold colours, big expressive type and copywriting that inspires positive thinking breaks category norms and underlines the 'can do' attitude.

Being mighty is a New Zealand mindset, eating Be Mighty fuels that mindset.

The main business goal was to launch into the natural energy cereal category and give the consumer a credible and stand-out option to the main branded competitor. This would obviously lead to a good ROI. For Hubbards as a brand that is in tune with its consumer and New Zealand in the grander scheme, this product is intended as a platform to comment on, highlight and talk about a positive mindset. Beyond that, mental health. This has no highbrow aspirations of being the thought leader in this area, there are plenty of amazing people and organisations doing this. Rather, as a popular FMCG brand, it has the potential to introduce consumers to these issues around the breakfast table. Through on-pack messaging, comms and social media this will be tackled in short, concise bite-sized chunks.

The reception of this range has seen a very quick and sustained sales spike. The category breaking liveries jumping off-shelf and demanding attention. Success for this has meant 4 months after launch, retail category managers are asking Hubbards to extend the range flavour offerings.

Archiver’s Response:

This project feels more like an innovation of message rather than craft. Its familiarity is welcome and helps to promote the messaging.

Credits & Collaborators:
Creative Director - Matt Grantham
Designer - Matt Grantham
Illustrator - Tim Wightman
Lettering Artist - Suze McElroy

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