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Hatch - Refreshing Investment

  • 2020

    Submission # 102

  • Output

    Identity – Tuakiri

  • Kaupapa

    Wildcard – Unique Projects

    Innovation – Philosophical

  • Location

    Tasman, Te Tai-o-Aorere

Project Overview:
Following the democratization of Accounting and Advertising platforms in New Zealand and worldwide – the ‘dark art’ of investing in the share-market has also been opened up for many.

Kiwi Wealth, part of our own Kiwibank has set up a platform providing access to the U.S market. The web app is aimed at Gen-X and older and particularly women, who invest in property but have tended to shy away from buying shares. Perceived as ‘the old-boys network’, women feel they lack the knowledge to participate. The attitude of our main customer did not equate with research however, that showed when women did invest, they were highly successful with their returns.

Hatch provides some background education for it’s newbies and also has a keen Facebook group where a whole range of investors share their experiences and knowledge.

Hatch is a place for seasoned investors but focuses on those that have recently begun to realise that diversifying how they invest, requires dipping a toe into the unknown.

Customer interviews and subsequent insights found a unique position for Hatch – empowering New Zealand women and encouraging them to ‘back what they believe’ when investing. A brave strategy set the scene for this identity along with a positioning line of ‘Refreshing Investment’.

The brand needed a youthful attitude and identity to dispel the myth of what a typical investor looks and sounds like. Actual investor stories from Hatch-lings (new investors) and portraits shot with a celebrity-satorial street-style work to ensure the brand feels alive and current.

Kaupapa - Wildcard/Innovation - Philosophical

Why is it, that women are still largely bypassed as a focused target market for a brand? Research shows that women are the key purchaser of products, the instigator of social outings, the purchaser of holidays, clothing, homeware, cars, insurance, and in many cases, run the family budget.

Why does it feel that many brands are still talking to a male audience, when their customer is actually predominantly female? Add to this, the fact that many New Zealand men do not relate to the old banter used to converse with male consumers - and it seems like there is a big wide world of people out there, waiting for brands and businesses to really see and know them... all of them!

Kissing goodbye to the professional ‘dark arts’ (accounting, law, investing, advertising... and more) many online platforms has provided better access, more personal control and a real feeling of ownership, to many.

The joy of being asked to create an identity for a brand that wanted to challenge the status-quo, focus on women and generate some positive energy around the subject of financial markets, was just too good to turn down!

Beginning the project with a creative session with our client was a great way to start. We were all engaged and in many ways, felt a shared responsibility to ensure the work reached the level that the initial strategy demanded of us. It felt good to have many 'customer voices' in that session, to feel able to push that status-quo and find something new and fresh for our hatch-lings... while remaining refreshing, for our loyal customers.

Be bold, be brave... and a little bit renegade!

The creation of the Hatch identity was to capture the Gen-X attitude, and run with it.
While they may be leaving their 40s behind, there is still a rebel inside.

Our new identity needed to feel unlike any other bank or financial institution and align with the youthful nature of many online products and services.

Exisiting, new and 'nearly-new' customers were interviewed with all insights feeding into a brand strategy that looked for a fresh position for this business.

A positioning line of 'Refreshing Investment' worked for both what the platform was seeking to achieve alongside it's customer's experience - fresh / easy & kind of addictive!

The proposed new identity was shared with many existing, long-term customers with an explanation of what the business was setting out to do. Their feedback, along with hearing the 'new investor' appetite to 'up-their-wealth', crafted the final brand identity.

Working alongside the Hatch team from the very beginning ensured a swift and easy adoption of the design system and like their platform, gave them ownership and control over their brand.

Customer numbers and investments have been well beyond expectations with this initial dynamic small team at Hatch growing to meet customer demand.

Archiver’s Response:

"Refreshing approach to this sector. Illustrations are a highlight, making this proposition alot more approachable."

Credits & Collaborators:
Design Strategist - Kate Handley
Design Director - Janelle Rodrigues, Pep Zuijderwijk
Copywriting - Kate Handley, Janelle Rodrigues
Illustrator - Euan Murphy
Photographer - Jake Mein

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