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Good Morning World

  • 2020

    Submission # 122

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    Campaign – Pānuitanga

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    Identity – People & Culture

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Project Overview:
BRIEF Tourism New Zealand’s ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ brand platform has established NZ as the ultimate destination for natural landscapes for the past 20 years. Despite the long-term success of this campaign, many of our competitors were beginning to emulate our simple strategy of showing off New Zealand’s stunning scenery (and significantly outspend us while doing so).Our challenge became: how do we evolve and elevate ‘100% Pure’ in a new way to reclaim our uniqueness and grow NZ’s consideration as a holiday destination?OBJECTIVESOur objectives that would prove we’d done this were three-fold: - Grow affinity for New Zealand- Which grows the number of people actively considering a New Zealand holiday- While delivering an incremental lift in visitors ultimately returning a commercial payback to NZCHALLENGE Two decades of ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ brand building meant when people thought of “New Zealand,” they recalled world-class, raw beauty. But it was this success that lead to our challenge…CHALLENGE 1: COMPETITORS WERE EMULATING USBeautiful landscapes were commonplace across tourism advertising. Everyone was presenting a pretty postcard picture of their country, and it was looking a lot like ours.CHALLENGE 2: COMPETITORS WERE EMULATING USTo counter copycats, Tourism New Zealand was focussing on overcoming logistical ‘planning barriers’ to convince people to book. Messages like ‘Everything Close’ had become too rational, and was eroding our emotional connection with travellers.THE JOB-TO-BE-DONENZ had lost some of its uniqueness and others had caught up. We needed to surface something that made NZ truly unique. Something that would be difficult for competitors to credibly replicate.

On our strategic journey to uncover a powerful insight resulting in the biggest marketing shift in TNZ’s last 20 years, we uncovered research revealing what travellers loved most about their visit. We found they came for the landscapes, but left raving about the people.

The reason why was the powerful Māori value manaakitanga.

Manaakitanga — showing unconditional respect, generosity and care to all — strongly influences the hospitality Kiwis practice.

It’s common for Kiwis to lend travellers the keys to their car or their beach house. Kiwis do this because they’re touched by the great effort they’ve made to get here.

Kiwis are a warm, welcoming people and their embrace of manaakitanga means they go to ridiculous lengths to welcome visitors, ensuring they enjoy their time in NZ.

CREATIVE IDEA Our big idea was to create an ambitious global gesture of welcome.So, we gave Kiwis the official role of greeting the entire world each new day with a ‘Good Morning.’ Given the ridiculous lengths Kiwis go to to welcome visitors, it wouldn’t be good enough to just say Good Morning World a few times a year in campaign bursts. Critical to our idea was going to ridiculous lengths to make the world feel welcome by saying it every single morning for an entire year.CREATIVE STRATEGYThe creative strategy was to greet the world with a different ‘Good Morning’ every morning, for an entire year — 365 Kiwis sharing the things and places they love, in completely unscripted, personal messages, showcasing what they were up to from their little part of New Zealand, inviting travellers to come on down and experience NZ’s people and places for themselves.THE OUTCOME GMW ran globally across TNZ’s key markets, generating great success worldwide across every key brand measure.Did Good Morning World grow love for New Zealand?Yes, it did.When GMW went live, after three years of stasis, appeal for New Zealand grew in all markets — especially among Aussies, climbing to 66% (+6pts), smashing a three-year target.Did Good Morning World grow the number of people considering a New Zealand holiday?Yes, it did.Tracking pre-lockdown showed consistent advances of consideration, increasing between +3pts to +9pts.And despite our border closure from March-onwards, we saw strong preservation of consideration well into the end of June, ensuring our objective was broadly achieved.Did Good Morning World deliver a commercial payback to New Zealand?Yes, it did.Despite the effects of COVID-19 on international tourism, Good Morning World delivered an ROI of $9:16 for every dollar spent.

Archiver’s Response:

"A clever idea that projected the beautiful places and more importantly the beautiful faces of New Zealand in an organic, genuine way. What made it stand out is its long term commitment to the work over a period of a year. So light, uplifting and as close as anyone can get through a screen to great Kiwi hospitality, it feels like it transcends ordinary tourism advertising without losing the call to action. At the time this was giving the world an insight into our kind nation, before we proved that kindness during the pandemic."

"By a clever use of the prominent place that social medias occupy in people's life and routine, Good Morning World shaped the world's vision of New Zealand in a unexpected, simple and authentic manner. The campaign had a big influence on country's touristic economy for the long term, despite the threat that COVID 19 is for this industry. A big win for everyone."

"This is a very interesting approach on a very problematic worldwide issue."

Credits & Collaborators:
Videographer - Sweetshop, Nimble
Editor - Sweetshop
Creative Director - Tony Bradbourne, Stu Mallarkey, Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber, Jack Nunn, Nil Eberhardt,
Design Director - Heath Lowe
Producer - Katie Mortensen, Sweetshop, Nick Lilley, Sharon Gray, Jesse McCallum

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