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  • 2020

    Submission # 87

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    Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Project Overview:
Alcoholic RTD’s are usually associated with big, sugar-fuelled flavours - easy to consume but does not linger or intrigue. An Auckland based business duo looked to redefine what a premixed drink could deliver in terms of quality, ingredients and sheer flavour enjoyment.

Finery is the result of an extensive recipe development process that created a range of flavours that have taken cues from classic cocktails but shaken them up a little. Each is liberated as uniquely subtle flavour combinations. Utilising seven-times distilled sugar cane vodka for smoothness, sparkling soda water and a considered blend of fruits, teas and botanicals. The resulting complexity and depth is more akin to fine teas, perfect to sip, session and enjoy, with the added advantage of each being sweet enough that they do not require sugar.

Exuding fashion-forward minimal cool, the brand was crafted to be simple with a unique crafted flourish, much like the cocktails themselves. The packaging disrupts in retail by celebrating the flavour combinations, adding yum factor through over-sized typography, not pictures. Confident, intriguing and authentic, with nothing to hide, the brand speaks to the new spirit among consumers who are looking for a clean alternative, honest, to-the-point which fits their clean eating and drinking lifestyle. A soft pastel colour palette, highbrow copywriting and subtle nods to the brand name fashion origin complete the irresistible story.

The business, and subsequent brand, was inspired about challenging what an RTD means and represents. From challenging the perception of lower quality ingredients with mixologist level recipes, eliminating the need for sugar to fuel this style of drink by achieving a sweetness which has been created with its combination of natural ingredients, through to challenging the drinking culture that has evolved around this style of drink. Canned alcoholic beverages are defined by social drinking, drinking to party and, in some cases, drinking to excess. Finery is the antithesis of this idea - a clean drinking, refined experience; these are designed to be sipped and savoured, rather than ‘smashed’. A significant step was to purposefully package just four small 250ml cans in a pack, rather than the category-defining 10, 12 or 24. It is a conversation starter - alcohol can be enjoyed responsibly with the brand owner's right steps.

Upon launch, the brand was embraced by local Auckland-based retailers who bought into the idea of a small local brand looking to challenge the status quo and offer consumers a different experience. The Fine People were also very open with the manufacturing process and logistics of the product as it illustrated the commitment to lowering costs and minimising its carbon footprint. The outer boxes are made with a home-compostable board; the outer shippers are designed to be reused, while instore POS stands were made with recycled wood. Since entering the market, the brand has gone nationwide (with eyes now set on Australia). While also launching a 0% alcohol version of the flavours in retail, the natural evolution for the brand story as the business wanted everyone (clean drinking, healthy lifestylers looking for a wine/beer alternative through to non-alcohol drinkers who are after alternative drinks to enjoy socially), to enjoy this new drinking experience.

Archiver’s Response:

Unique and sophisticated brand and execution within a crowded market that appeals to its chosen market

Credits & Collaborators:
Creative Director - Matt Grantham
Designer - Sam Allan
Designer - Michael Nicholls
Designer - Tim Wightman
Copywriting - Kate Phillips

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