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Chapter 2 Bikes

  • 2020

    Submission # 192

  • Output

    Identity – Tuakiri

  • Kaupapa

    Identity – Place

    Impact – Reach / Results / ROI

  • Location

    Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Project Overview:
Highly regarded, designer, architect and bike racer, Michael Pride opened the next chapter of his professional life with the birth of a brave new bike brand Chapter2.

A growing acceptance of direct to consumer online sales within the cycling community gave Michael the confidence to develop a bike brand that would appeal to customers around the world. Dedicated racers, fashionistas and hobbyists alike.

Chapter2’s chosen distribution strategy offers a unique customer experience, providing a bike fitting service via the website and delivering extra value by removing layers of distribution. Framesets are delivered by Chapter2’s Service Course partners, providing a localised experience as well as customer service around the world.

Onfire’s job was to develop the brand identity and make it uniquely New Zealand.

From the name, to the black and teal colour palette and on-bike graphics, this bike brand needed to exude a subtle, low-key but highly switched-on and savvy Kiwi mentality. It was a brand essentially conceived of, and in, New Zealand. The Paemaunga is the heart and soul of the brand. Illustrating the near mythical journey that a rider would take from the high mountains of the South Island to the coast it celebrates the land, the scale, fauna, beauty and people of New Zealand. It was important that it was done in a very ‘non-tourist’ manner. Sitting on the frames, it is a visual reminder to the rider of the brands origins. This was coined as ‘the road less travelled’, and it is a very Kiwi road and adventure.

To support ‘The Road Less Travelled’ as a brand idea, Maori Illustrator, Mohi Toko, was commissioned to develop a visual story that could bring it to life. Emphasising the birthplace and origin of the brand. The Chapter2 restrained graphics were designed to compliment the bike frames clean lines and technically advanced construction.

The attention to product detail has been consistently applied to packaging, brochureware, apparel, as well as the online ecommerce experience .

As for results, the first year sales target was reached within a matter of months and demand outstripped supply.

Chapter2 was awarded a prestigious Red Dot Award, three New Zealand Best Design Awards and Good Design awards in Australia. The brand has continued to grow, especially in target regions such as South-East Asia with riders buying in to the brand story, as well as the stand out graphics and engineering prowess that has made this bike range possible

Archiver’s Response:

A brand identity that understands its market. Well executed across the touch-points that matter to customers, strong attention to detail.

Credits & Collaborators:
Creative Director - Sam Allan
Designer - Michael Nicholls
Illustrator - Mohi Toko

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