Aakifa Chida, Justine Macabasco, Karen Mary Solomon, Matthew W. Walker

  • 2020

    Submission # 90

  • Output

    Student – Ākonga

  • Kaupapa

    Identity – People & Culture

    Impact – Reach / Results / ROI

  • Location

    Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau

Project Overview:
As a result of COVID-19, AUT’s annual Art and Design exhibition was hosted on an online platform. Four Communication Design graduands carried out the ideation and development of the branding and web design for AD20. AUT wished to ensure the inclusion of all 8 departments across the school of Art and Design. The objective of this website was to provide every third-year student with an equal platform to display their final piece of work. The website is now a fully functional archive for all of 2020’s Art and Design graduates.

The intention of AD20 was to showcase the success stories of a diverse student population. It aimed to create the same excitement and opportunity students would have experienced during the annual exhibitions that would take place in person. The core values that were represented include achievement, completion, and diversity.

In response to the brief provided, our key methodologies included student-led faculty-wide discussions, benchmarking, and constant iterations of concepts. The overarching idea behind the design elements such as the modular logo, shapes, and colour were inspired by time, journey, and growth. The brand and website created provided the students with a unique archive of their graduate exhibits, which has never been initiated at AUT in the past.

Archiver’s Response:

"I really like how the modular forms for the logomark also embody all disciplines within the faculty and act as active buttons (on the website). Clever navigational system, archival space and a mammoth task for third-year students to not only conceptualise, but also lead and implement!"

"Clearly shows great execution and use of composition, typography and colour. Great to see students being involved with a project like this."

Credits & Collaborators:
Design Director - Fiona Grieve
Studio Manager - Aimee Preston
Developer - Norman Goh
Developer - Chris Tillack

Archive Submission
Archive Submission

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Aakifa Chida, Justine Macabasco, Karen Mary Solomon, Matthew W. Walker